Substance Use and Abuse Treatment

Millions of Americans are dealing with substance use and misuse or dependence problems within the United States. Not only are those who have a substance abuse issue are affected, but also countless others who come into contact with them. These include family members, intimate partners, coworkers, friends, and those in the public. Substance use and abuse can involve problematic alcohol drinking behaviors, the misuse of prescribed medications, or the abuse of illicit substances. Substance use issues can often lead to feelings of isolation and feeling out of control. These are key issues to work through in psychotherapy with a psychologist. Addressing these problems does not have to wait until a person “hits rock bottom”. You can make the decision to transform your life, and hold the power to do so, at any time in your life.


I have a unique background in having worked in Harm Reduction settings, traditional 12-Step settings, as well as in hospitals using evidence-based treatment practices for substance use disorders, and at a SMART Recovery facility. This experience has allowed me to hold and appreciate many possible roads to recovery from substance use disorders. Your treatment will be individualized to your unique needs and support according to the philosophy that fits best for you will be explored. 


It is important to understand that substance use disorders rest on emotional issues often co-occurring with other disorders such as Major Depressive Disorder, an anxiety disorder, self-esteem issues, trauma, family history of substance use and abuse, and a basic problematic relationship to alcohol or drugs. Exploring, identifying, and treating comorbid disorders is paramount to one’s recovery.

Full substance use disorder recovery is possible. I believe that people inherently possess the wisdom and strength to make powerful changes in their lives and that everyone deserves a life that is free of substance obsessions. I also believe that the treatment must rest on working through underlying emotional issues, coupled with skill building for everyday situations. This work can be difficult and time consuming and I am honored to assist my patients in each and every one of their journeys.