Sarah Karytko, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Wellesley, Massachusetts 

Long-Term Psychotherapy

As a Licensed Psychologist in Wellesley, Massachusetts, I offer psychotherapy for individual adults. In my practice I take a collaborative, empowering, and in-depth approach. I believe that a supportive relationship between therapist and patient is where lasting change begins, and eventually leads to a deeper understanding of yourself. Together, we will work toward making changes and reaching your personal health and well-being milestones. I facilitate a warm, accepting environment that offers understanding and care, coupled with supportive challenges to help you grow.

Seeking help can be difficult and finding the right person to help you can often be just as hard. While solid credentials, accredited education, and clinical training are essential, it is also just as crucial to find a therapist you can trust.

Whether you are seeking therapy to better manage current life stressors, address long-term issues, or improve your life experience, together we can develop a personalized, thoughtful approach to fit your needs.